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              We have been very successful advertising professionals for over thirty years. Our team has owned a top tier ad agency, managed multi-media creative teams and mentored younger advertising professionals.  We have immersed ourselves in the study, understanding and implementation of the essential elements required for clients to benefit from the digital revolution and the positive rewards of utilizing Facebook in an efficient manner.  We have mastered ad copy and layout, budgeting and planning, ad execution and audience reach. These time-tested, essential and fundamental skills have been applied to meet the specific needs of the businesses we have worked with.  I developed results oriented campaigns for such clients as AT&T, Nextel, and Thomasville, to name a few.
              In addition to possessing a very deep grounding in the core skill set of ad development and placement, We have earned multiple designations related to Facebook specifically.  Through Facebook Blueprint by completing over 25 of the relevant lessons & courses.   We have the highest level of accreditation that Facebook recognizes with their advanced Creative Strategy Professional certification.   In addition to our certificate from Course Envy’s Facebook Ads & Facebook Market MASTERY 2021, we have successfully completed the Social Media Success Summit exam.  It's not just understanding what's relevant and foremost for your business but incorporating what has been tried and true.  Your next path to obtaining clients and increasing your revenue, through Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and its Audience Network is here.  We understand your audience and the demographics on Long Island.   Let's engage with your target audiences and transform them into an ongoing source of valued customers.


What's The Word

Peter, Crown Tile

Ron consistently provided great creative.  He is always on top of the placement, the budget optimization and the ad delivery, yielding great results.

Paul, AT&T

Ron is very professional.  Everything is laid out concisely.  My revenue over the years has been highly impacted by his creative , knowing when and where to advertise and making the most of my yearly spend.

John, Thomasville

Always delivering creative that gets results.   The placement whether it is where or when is very beneficial

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